W I L D Y O U T H  Co. is a writing experiment, created by two aspiring artsy folks. It's a developing correspondence, and it exists for two main reasons: (1.) It is a way for us to keep in touch that isn’t Facebook, and (2.) It is a space, run by us, where we can post whatever we want and be free to try new stuff and to mess around.
Both of us are using this experiment as a reason to write. You know how people always say that they’d like to write more, and wouldn’t it be nice if I only had the extra time-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah? Well, we don’t want to be those people.
The writing here is rough, unpolished, and wicked messy—and yeah, there are going to be typos and grammatical mistakes—but that's because most of it is basically first draft stuff. We're not trying to make something pretty, we're just trying to make something.

Sal is one of the cofounders of WILDYOUTH Co.
He currently lives somewhere in Toronto.

Sal Walker, in his short life, hasn't accomplished very much, and probably never will. Accomplishment after all, is a funny word, said with phrases like, 'you should always finish what you start.' Thing is there's only one real ending, and that's the one most of us want to spend in a warm bed surrounded by people we love. What Sal can offer you are his sincere thoughts and observations on this strange world we call home. Sincere, but of course not true. At least, not in the sense you or I normally think—not entirely. Like Sal always says, life is a stage; and sometimes, a mask says just as much about a person, as a face.

Henry Darling


Henry is the other cofounder of WILDYOUTH Co.
He currently lives in New York City.

As of September 2015 Henry began be attending a fancy (read: hella expensive) university in New York City, where he studies books and writing and that kind of stuff, all while living in near squalor and violently hemorrhaging debt. Henry met Sal a few years back, in a writing class. They became friends the way that young people do: by drinking together heavily, playing pool, and having obnoxiously ostentatious conversations on life, music, and the nature of being while watching baseball.